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Date League Home Away Odd Tip Score Results
31.01.2023 France: Ligue 2 Paris FC Pau 1.65 Under 2.5 0-1 Win
30.01.2023 Netherlands: Eerste Divisie Utrecht Graafschap 1.60 BTS 1-1 Win
29.01.2023 Belgium: Jupiler League Cercle Brugge Gent 2.15 Over 2.5 3-2 Win
28.01.2023 Czech Republic: 1. Liga Sigma O. Sparta Prague 1.75 BTS 1-1 Win
27.01.2023 France: National Chateauroux Avranches 1.90 Under 2.5 1-0 Win
26.01.2023 Spain: Copa del Rey Valencia Ath. Bilbao 1.65 Under 2.5 1-3 Loss
25.01.2023 Germany: Bundesliga Werder Bremen Union Berlin 2.00 Over 2.5 1-2 Win
24.01.2023 England: League One Ipswich Morecambe 1.60 Over 2.5 4-0 Win
23.01.2023 Italy: Serie A Bologna Cremonese 1.70 Under 2.5 1-1 Win
22.01.2023 Italy: Serie A Monza Sassuolo 1.60 BTS 1-1 Win
21.01.2023 Germany: 3. Liga Munich 1860 Zwickau 1.80 BTS 3-1 Win
20.01.2023 Germany: 3. Liga Viktoria Koln Saarbrucken 2.05 Under 2.5 0-2 Win
19.01.2023 World: Club Friendly Bodo/Glimt Viking 1.75 Over 3.5 1-0 Loss
18.01.2023 Croatia: 1. HNL Gorica Varazdin 1.80 Under 2.5 0-0 Win
17.01.2023 Turkey: Turkish Cup Alanyaspor Galatasaray 1.55 BTS 1-2 Win
16.01.2023 Netherlands: Eerste Divisie FC Eindhoven Den Bosch 1.90 BTS 4-1 Win
15.01.2023 Portugal: Liga Portugal 2 Feirense A. Viseu 1.70 Under 2.5 1-1 Win
14.01.2023 England: Championship Cardiff Wigan 2.10 BTS 1-1 Win
13.01.2023 France: National Orleans Dunkerque 1.60 Under 2.5 0-0 Win
12.01.2023 India: ISL Hyderabad Chennaiyin 1.80 Under 3 1-1 Win
11.01.2023 France: Ligue 1 Lorient Monaco 1.65 BTS 2-2 Win
10.01.2023 England: National League Aldershot Dag & Red 1.75 Over 2.5 0-2 Loss
09.01.2023 Italy: Serie A Verona Cremonese 1.80 Under 2.5 2-0 Win
08.01.2023 Portugal: Primeira Liga Ferreira Chaves 1.95 BTS 1-1 Win
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